Hello! I'm Gillian

Financial Blogger & Data Research Analyst

Taking on the World, One Data Point at a Time

I’m a 30-something mother of two boys trying to navigate the world of motherhood, full-time work (research and analysis), personal time and family time!

I currently work full time for the largest mortgage provider in Jamaica as a Senior Business Advisor / Data Analyst / Research Manager. I created this blog to provide some of the research I do to anyone interested enough to read it!

I also work full time organising my family, i’m the Vice President of the U.S. Exchanges Alumni Association of Jamaica as a past Fulbright Scholar and the Treasurer for Proprietors Strata Plan 2605. I love fitness and exercise and most of all, I love enjoying life!

I Live Where Most People Vacation!

– Falmouth, Jamaica

About My Blog

Have you ever wondered about how to do a budget or how to use Microsoft Excel to plan your kids birthday parties or pick a school for you kids to attend? I have and I’ve created templates to do those and many other things. If you use data to make decisions like I do, then hopefully you can find a place here to get some of these templates to make your life easier as well!

Your NHT Benefits Explained

Your NHT Benefits Explained

Intro What are the Benefits being Offered by the NHT?Are you thinking about buying a home but have no idea what the benefits of using the NHT are or perhaps you are making NHT contributions and don’t know why or how you can get them refunded? I spoke about a few of...

Irish Town, St. Andrew, Jamaica