Hello! I'm Gillian

Financial Blogger & Research and Data Analyst

Taking on the World, One Data Point at a Time

I’m a 30-something mother of two boys trying to navigate the world of motherhood, full-time work (research and analysis), personal time, running an e-learning business and family time!

I currently work full time for a financial conglomerate in Jamaica as a Senior Business Advisor / Data Analyst / Research Manager. I created this blog to provide some of the research I do to anyone interested enough to read it! I love data and analysis and I want to play a part in educating people on how to navigate their finances. 

I also work full time organising my family, I am a Director of Mantock’s Guide (www.mantocksguide.com) and the Vice President of the U.S. Exchanges Alumni Association of Jamaica as a past Fulbright Scholar. I love fitness and exercise and most of all, I love enjoying life!

I Live Where Most People Vacation!

– Falmouth, Jamaica

About My Blog

Have you ever wondered about how to do a budget or how to use Microsoft Excel to plan your kids birthday parties or pick a school for you kids to attend? I have and I’ve created templates to do those and many other things. If you use data to make decisions like I do, then hopefully you can find a place here to get some of these templates to make your life easier as well!

A+ Savings: Mastering Back-to-School Expenses Like a Pro

A+ Savings: Mastering Back-to-School Expenses Like a Pro

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How To Sell a House in Jamaica

How To Sell a House in Jamaica

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