Register for online Excel Classes with Gillian Jackson of See FAQs below for more information. 

Beginners I have used Excel a handful of times.

Intermediate – I’ve used Excel to do some basic calculations but i’m ready to dive deeper

Advanced – I am comfortable with the basics but i’m ready to learn to analyse data!


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the class be delivered?

The class will be taught via zoom. I like to do a fair amountof hand holding and so I would share a worksheet before class and the class will be used to go through the worksheet together. It will be a hands-on experience so come prepared. 

What will I need for the class?

Access to internet is key. You will need to have Microsoft Excel on the computer you are using. If you have multiple screens (more than one monitor) that would be ideal so you can see my screen and have Excel up on another screen at the same time. If not you can still follow along as I go through the various objectives. 

How will I know where to start?

The various objectives are outlined above, so if you have never seen or heard of something listed above, start from the beginning. If you are fairly comfortable, start at the intermediate level, but it is assumed that you will be able to keep pace. 

How do I Register?

Click on the buttons under the programme you wish to join and you can register for the upcoming class based on the date preferred. 

How Do You Accept Payment?

Payment can be made online or via direct deposit. Once you register the information will be shared. 

Can I take all the classes?

Sure. The classes are modular so information will not overlap. If you want to take all three to ensure you get to know as much about Excel as possible then feel free!