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I was a guest on the first episode of NHT’s podcast Full ‘Ouse ! I spoke about what steps you will need to take to be a home owner.  See IG post here –

In our inaugural episode, we sit down with Gillian Jackson, a seasoned Financial Blogger, to discuss Financial Confidence and Money Management. Get ready to boost your financial know-how and take the first steps toward securing your dream home.”


Gillian Jackson, Financial Blogger, says credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s ,S&P, Global recent upgrade of Jamaica’s credit ratings from a B + to a B B - was achieved from the government’s prudent fiscal responsibility . She says the government will now have more access to better financial opportunities as a country.  #jamaica #economy

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See full interview on Taking Stock with Kalilah Reynolds -

Summer employment – Mutually beneficial to students and organisations

Visit this Gleaner Article here:

MONEY CLASSROOM LIVE: Manage and Budget YOUR Money in 2023!

May 3, 2023 – Financial Blogger, Gillian Jackson and the matriarch of a 3 family household, Shannon Stedford joins us in the classroom to break down some of the strategies they have used to get through these tough times.

Read the Fine Print When Applying for a Loan - Nov 22, 2021

The Complete Guide to Budgeting - Tips, Tricks and Resources

Financial Freedom is something we all aspire to and its entirely possible if we know where to start. In this meeting, Gillian Jackson from shares the most important step in achieving Financial Freedom – Budgeting.

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We had an awesome discussion on Home Ownership !

Use Social Media Wisely - May 4, 2021


Achieving Financial Freedom is something we all aspire to and its entirely possible if we know where to start. In this meeting, Gillian Jackson from shares her steps to get to Financial Freedom.


NHT House Party - Oct 25, 2020

For the tips, the tricks and trends on homeownership, you need financial blogger @FinancialCentsibility

She will be grooving with us on
Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 4:00pm
Click link in bio to set a reminder.
#NHTHouseParty #FreshKeys

“Mom, Dad… I’m ready to move out!”

Check out the full article here:

Financial Blogger, Gillian Jackson shares tips on getting paid from overseas: – use your banks drop box service – use a remittance service – try a payment service like PayPal or Stripe #MoneyMovesJa is brought to you by EXIM Bank’s Business Advisory Service. Check out their website –

Today most businesses are trying to go cashless. Setting up your business to receive electronic payments reduces the risk of theft and improves efficiency… but it typically comes at a hefty cost. I interview Financial blogger and Senior Business Advisor, Gillian Jackson who gave us these hacks: 1. Electronic Retail Payment Services like mobile money 2. Funds transfers through your bank 3. Cardless deposit at the ATM #MoneyMovesJa is brought to you by EXIM Bank’s Business Advisory Service. Check out their website –

@MsGillyJ - Guest Panelist on RJRGleaner Virtual Town Hall Meeting

What are some tips for investing during Covid-19? I speak primarily about real estate investing in this Town Hall hosted by TVJ on May 21, 2020.  

@MsGillyJ on Earnings Season podcast - Episode 32

April 8 – 

This week, @RTRowe and @HDanhai break the guest count with 125 of YOU!
We had a live episode that started with a sermon from the mouth 😩 from Pastor Randy and ended with a (lot!) of questions from our guests. We also had cameos from the Brick Boss @MSGillyJ who spoke about the expected effect of the current pandemic on JA’s Real Estate Market, Books Boss(?) @GordonSwaby, who gave some insight into resulting eCommerce opportunities, @MsWhervin popped up and told how things were going in the Commercial Construction side of things (and asked a great Carib Cement question), Data Don David @JCKnight2 shared some insights with us & @chrisfromuwi brought even more questions!

Come for the gems, stay for the Q+A!

@MsGillyJ - Guest Analyst on Taking Stock on March 16, 2020

I spoke about my experience attending the budget debate and what some of the takeaways were from the initiatives that were announced. 

@MsGillyJ and @MarcGayle on Beyond the Headlines

@MsGillyj and @MarcGayle discuss #FinanceTwitterJa and what motivated us to start sharing information, what the feedback has been, what we share related to Finance and what we expect the consumers of the information to do with it!

Marc also touched briefly on the TransJamaica IPO towards the end.  


Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, Marlene Street Forrest, says so far, twenty companies have signaled their intention to list on the JSE in 2020. Is the JSE prepared to manage this level of activity? And THE ANALYSTS, Neville Graham and Gillian Jackson, weigh in on the latest market and economic developments. Jamaica’s unemployment rate hits a record low. What does this mean for business? Check out Gillian Jackson’s blog: @MsGillyJ on Twitter

@MsGillyJ on Earnings Season podcast - Episode 21

This week on Earnings Season @HDanhai & @RTRowe talk with Mrs. Gillian Jackson, the JA Finance Thread Queen more commonly known on Twitter as @MsGillyJ.
She covers launching her new website and delves into home buying tips for everyone (including those of us building up to buying that home). She touches on shopping around for a good mortgage, tips for that entire process, the rise of credit reporting and what it means for you. @RTRowe manages to bawl about Interest Rates and tries to drop his old SLB Baggage and @HDanhai gets a better look at what entering the housing market these days really takes for a millennial. Gillian also teaches us about stratas, the entire house buying journey, mortgage management (incl. early payoff tips) and a whole lot more.

@MsGillyJ on CVM Television discussing Financial Literacy

It is a policy priority for the nation, a form of education that could potentially improve the financial management of all Jamaican’s. The issue of financial literacy has grown increasingly important in the current economic environment, but is enough being done to educate the public on the nuances of money management? Finance Twitter has emerged as an important hub in the promotion of financial literacy from buying a car to investing in stocks and two of its most prominent members join us tonight to discuss the topic. Joining us are Financial Analyst Marc Gayle and Finance Blogger Gillian Jackson. Visit our website at to rewatch our #MajorStories #LatestNews Interviews and Lifestyle videos happening in Jamaica, and the Caribbean.